Whether you have ASTRO-DURANCETM Bungee Systems or another brand, the concepts and principals of bungee exercise are the same. What is different is the advanced level of bungee training you can perform and the type of results your clients will receive with ASTRO-DURANCETM Bungee Systems. Our system allows all ages, sizes, performance levels, and those with physical limitations to benefit from exercise. Because our bungee system is different than other types of bungee’s on the market and has many variables and applications, the ASTRO-DURANCETM TRAINING MANUAL is a must have. You need to know the do’s and don’ts of proper usage; client physical assessment; how it effects the body, product limitations; protocols; procedures; emergency and safety factors.

You can become certified by purchasing our ASTRO-DURANCETM Training Manual, reading it, studying it and taking THE CERTIFICATION TEST. Upon passing the test you will be awarded a PERSONALIZED TRAINING CERTIFICATION.


THE FIRST STEP is reading the training manual which covers all aspects of proper Bungee training- a complete INSTRUCTIONAL that covers how BUNGEE EXERCISE affects the body with step by step procedures from start to finish. The training manual is a detailed instruction tool. This INDEPTH MANUAL will be a VITAL startup and ongoing referral for you and your staff in learning how to perform ASTRO-DURANCETM Bungee exercise techniques, procedures and how it affects the body.

You will have the answers your clients will be asking and understand how the body works with anti-gravity exercise. Remember, total body BUNGEE exercise is NEW TO THE FITNESS INDUSTRY – CERTIFICATION SHOWS YOUR CLIENTS THAT YOU TAKE YOUR PROFESSION AND THEIR TRAINING SERIOUSLY! BE THE EXPERT!

STEP TWO is to take our ASTRO-DURANCETM Certification Test. Take the test and once you complete and pass it by 70% or better, we will email a certification of completion!

DISCLAIMER - WARNING: Without proper bungee product training, and understanding of anti-gravity exercise principals, procedures, emergency and safety factors, you and your clients could be at risk of accident and or serious injury.

ASTRO-DURANCETM Bungee Training now offers

One and Two Day Intensive in-house training workshops!

These very special workshops provide hands on experience and are led by none other than ASTRO-DURANCETM creator Patty Cummings!

Should you choose to select this method training manuals AND Certification Testing are included! Click the following link for all the information on our ASTRO-DURANCETM Bungee Training Workshops held at our ASTRO-DURANCETM and P2 Personal Training Studio in Cape Coral, Florida.

Expected Duration

1 Quiz
1 Text
24 PDFs
Patty Cummings
Patty Cummings
Owner, Astro-Durance

About the instructor

I am the creator and founder of ASTRO-DURANCETM Bungee Training Systems. We are thrilled to now be able to make our manual and certification course available! More is on the way, so stay tuned.

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